Top 10 Best Diet Sodas


First, before you roast me for talking about diet soda and exclaim how it is killing me, read this.

Basically, if you don’t drink a ton of it and still maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s not bad for you. Who knew?

I prefer “diet” or “zero sugar” type sodas because of their perceived sweetness without impacting my glycemic index and adding to my overall daily calories. I would even go as far to say that I prefer the taste over traditional, full-sugar sodas. I enjoy a good soda pop but I don’t want to me left feeling like I just ate a bag of skittles.

Lost of love here for Coca-Cola company, and not so much for PepsiCo.
I’m staying with widely available selections in the US and not considering any seasonal or special editions.
Before you ask, yes Diet and Zero/Zero Sugar products actually taste different and are sold simultaneously.

stacked cans of soda
  1. Coke Zero Sugar
    Nickname: CZ
    The number one. This is the best. Even more now than before. Formally known as Coke Zero, they reformulated it last year to taste better and more like Coke (was it less good before?) This is my go-to drink. Don’t think it can ever be beat… until they change it again.
  2. Diet Mountain Dew
    Nothing like regular Mountain Dew. It has it’s own flavor and is pretty much the same as it was back in the 90s when it was made with just NutraSweet.
  3. Diet Dr. Pepper
    Nickname: DDP
    Bitey and peppery just like the non-diet, but somehow better. Recently Dr. Pepper has released Zero Sugar, which I haven’t had enough to make a decision. Does anyone remember Dr. Pepper 10?
  4. Coke Cherry Zero Sugar
    Just like CZ but adds a little twist of cherry.
  5. Diet Coke
    Nickname: DC
    Reminds me of childhood McDonald’s drive-thru trips just to get a large Diet Coke.
  6. Pepsi Zero Sugar
    The best Pepsi, which isn’t saying much.
  7. Mountain Dew Zero
    Not like Diet Mountain Dew, more like regular Mountain Dew, but somehow more caffeine.
  8. Sunkist Orange Zero Sugar
    Nickname: Sunkist
    This one is hard to tell the difference between diet and not, and for orange soda, that’s a good thing.
  9. Vernor’s Diet Ginger Ale
    Nickname: Vernors
    The hardest on the list to find, but seems to keep on living and showing up where I least expect it. Classic vanilla-ginger taste.
  10. Sprite Zero Sugar
    Basically flavored seltzer. Refreshing and bubbly, unlike the syrupy mess that is regular Sprite.

There you have it, the Beard Blog top 10 diet sodas, that no one asked for!

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