My home is smarter than yours.

“Smart Home” electronics are the current flavor of the month. Manufacturers are trying to get everything in your house to be connected to the internet. This may sound like a benefit for the consumer, but do companies of ulterior motives? Are they using the cool factor to collect usage, demographic, and personal information? I don’t really care, things products are just damn cool!

My subconscious seems to strive to have everything in my life rooted in technology. From my house, to my car, and now even my watch, it’s everywhere!  I’m not complaining, just explaining.

I have a Nest smart thermostat that has [probably] saved me hundreds of dollars over the 2 or 3 years i’ve been using it… but the coolest feature is being able to change the temperature, from anywhere!

As of now, that is the smartest home product I have. Next up is a Nest smart smoke/CO2 detector and Philips Hue lights.  Expect full Beard Blog reviews on those two soon!

Lastly, the worst thing about all this, just like many other things I went over in my ‘Future isn’t here yet rant…‘ is nothing works with anything else.  Nest is now a Google product, and I’m invested into Apple’s ecosystem. The Hue lights support Apple’s system, but do they talk to my Nest? Doubtful…