Technology brings us together

During this holiday season, when you visit with your families and friends, some of that time may be blocked by bright screens in front of their faces. For the last couple of years, we may have thought this was a bad thing. In the soon-to-be year 2016, I think that has become something more.

This year instead of everyone sinking into their chairs with the soft glow of LED screens on faces, I’ve seen families and friends come together over technology. From talking about iCloud backups to Uber driving, it now seems our time together also includes some tech talk.

Selfies were a big hit this year as well. Small groups got together for some quick snapshots that we all could immediately enjoy via social media. I was even able to take a large family portrait with my iPhone and triggered it, while posing in the picture, from my Apple Watch.

Previously thought as faux pas, now is a great way to create, save, and share memories. From this year forward, get out your phones & tablets and bring technology and tradition together.