The Best of 2020: iOS Apps

“There’s an app for that!”

Continuing my list of the best things from 2020, mostly what helped us get through the pandemic, the most obvious thing you use a lot is your phone. There are a lot of great apps I use everyday but the three I’m about to list are essential apps for entertaining me, staying connected, and getting me what I need. What are some of your favorite apps of the past year?

My top three apps for 2020:

Instagram | Instagram, inc.

The anti-Facebook app currently owned and developed by none other than Facebook itself. This is my primary app for social media, both sharing and consuming. Even during the smallest amounts of downtime, I open IG to see what’s going on. You’ll even see me administer accounts dedicated to my new puppy Yeti and my Jeep Wrangler. I hope someday Instagram and get back to basics, possibly under a different company, and be the best place to share photos.

TikTok | TikTok Pte. Ltd.

The app that your kids can’t get enough of and the app that we’re still not sure if it’s a Chinese data mine. TikTok has been all the rage this year from tweens all the way up to our 70-something year old president. At one point this year President Trump demanded that TikTok be sold to a US company to remain in operation here. Shortly after the election, his administration lost interest in this fight. To me, TikTok is a spiritual successor of the beloved Vine app. Short videos where creatives can express themselves to the entire world. If you’ve never dipped your toes in the world of TikTok, you could expect to see dancing, singing, joking, and even stunts all in one app.

Deliveries | Junecloud LLC

More of an indie app compared to IG and TikTok, Deliveries is a rather simple app that helps you track your packages. When you get an email or notification that your order has shipping, you can put that into Deliveries and it will contact the shipper and update your dashboard with live changes. It’s very helpful around the holidays but also when you can’t be bothered to babysit a package as it slowly makes it’s way to your house. While it does cost money, I assure you it’s worth it if you are like me and always have something in transit to your house

Honorable mention:

Zoom | Zoom, inc.

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