Fried Potato Shapes Ranked

Rather than delving into the cliché “New Year, New Me” resolutions, let’s shift our focus to the realm of fried potatoes and the art of savoring them. In those moments of solitary contemplation, my thoughts often align with the contents of this specific list. While my intention in the new year may be to indulge less in these delectably greasy treats, the mere glimpse of this list allows me to mentally relish the flavors associated with each entry. of the ranked fried potato list.

1. Potato Tot
To craft the perfect tater tot, start by dicing a potato into petite pieces, shaping them into adorable tot forms, and then immersing them into the sizzling depths of the deep fryer. Tater tots, the result of this culinary perfection, effortlessly mixes the most exquisite qualities of hash browns and French fries, forming a mouthwatering, juicy nugget of flavor. The unique combination of textures and tastes places the tater tot in the esteemed position of my favorite among the diverse French fry shapes. It stands as a testament to the culinary genius that can be achieved by combining the crispiness of fries with the hearty goodness of hash browns. While not always readily available, the quest for the perfect tater tot finds its pinnacle at GetGo, which, as of my last update, stands out as the ultimate destination for indulging in these delectable treats.

2. Curly
When you cut a potato in a circular motion, you get the delightful curly fry, known for its unique shape and extra seasoning. While enjoyable, they secure the second spot on my list. Right now, Arby’s takes the lead with the best curly fry, thanks to their perfect balance of crispiness and flavor.

3. Crinkle-cut
Take a potato and skillfully slice it into strips using a specially designed serrated edge, and voila – you have the delightful crinkle-cut fry. These fries typically boast a slightly thicker profile compared to your standard French fry, and when deep-fried, they develop a satisfyingly crisp exterior. A recent addition to my preferred fry varieties, I must say that Raising Cane’s crinkle-cut fries have claimed the top spot as my current favorite. The unique texture and enhanced thickness of crinkle cuts bring a distinct and enjoyable twist to the classic French fry experience.

4. Fresh-cut
Skip the peeling process; simply cut the potato, submerge it in an ice bath, and straight into the fryer it goes. The fresh cut fry, characterized by its straightforward shape, often utilizes peanut oil for cooking, resulting in a distinct earthy flavor that pairs exceptionally well with a generous sprinkling of salt. When it comes to fresh cut fries, Five Guys stands as the unbeatable champion. Their mastery in preparing these fries, coupled with the earthy undertones from the peanut oil, makes Five Guys a top choice for indulging in the perfection of fresh cut fries.

5. Waffle
Fries cut with a special waffle blade on a mandolin get an alternating ridge of either side. Offering yet another unique shape on the fried potato, waffle fries are somewhat of a mind-bender when you look at them. It was until recently that the waffle fry became mainstream and it’s success is attributed to the best place you can get them right now, Chick-fil-a.

Honorable mentions:

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Lost of love here for Coca-Cola company, and not so much for PepsiCo.
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