The Best of 2020: Music Albums

The past several years, I’ve done ‘The Best Albums’ of 2018 and 2019 because music is a very large part of my life, more so listening than playing. Because it’s 2020, I’ve switched it up and limited my picks to just three and this joins an expanded list of ‘Best of’ for this year.

In no particular order, these are my favorite albums from 2020:

everything means nothing by Blackbear – August 21

I’ve enjoyed Blackbear’s style since I first discovered him in the duo of Mansionz with Mike Posner. Since then he’s tried to prove himself that he belongs at the top of the charts in pop music. His latest album may be his magnum opus which includes his hit song Hot Girl Bummer. His back catalog and songs with Mike Posner definitely deserve a listen.

Changes by Justin Bieber – February 14

Being a closeted fan of the Biebz since the beginning, I’ve enjoyed his progression to being a more mature human being. This album recognizes his past and how he’s grown from that. He describes this album as R&B rather than his usual pop music. Nevertheless, it’s a great record to enjoy all year long.

Manic by Halsey – January 17

Halsey hasn’t really been in heavy rotation in my music library until this year. Much like Bieber, she’s coming into her own in adulthood and finding where she fits in the vastly crowded world of pop music. After enjoying this album over the last eight months, it made me take another look at her back catalog and fortified my pick for one of the albums of the year.

Honorable mention:

Women in Music Pt. III by Haim

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