New T-Shirts For Sale

Graphic design is a hobby of mine and so is collecting t-shirts. One of my favorite places to get t-shirts from is a local Pittsburgh company Cotton Bureau. They print and ship custom t-shirt designs from independent artists on high-grade fabrics. A couple years ago I designed a shirt for my fictional cigar lounge, Beard Cigar Lounge, and have since printed about a dozen versions of that shirt through Cotton Bureau. Recently, I decided to make more shirts…

Today I’m debuting two new designs, each in two different design options.

The first is a simple 4-1-2 (Pittsburgh’s primary area code) design representing my hometown. This design is available in both black and white font to better match the shirt color. Order here

The second is a joke my friend and I have about “bros” observing “sun’s out guns out” in the summer. My take on this is the more grammatically correct version “Sun is out, guns are out”. This is both available in light and dark skin tones. Order here

The two new designs are available in a lot of different colors as well as styles, including tank tops and infant onesies!

Check out my Cotton Bureau store page here