Logitech Type+ Keyboard for iPad Air 2 Review

I’ve always touted an iPad or any other tablet as a second device to your computer. If you need a computer for certain things (e.g. word processing, graphics, A/V, etc.) a tablet cannot replace this and you will be unhappy with just an iPad at home. The tablet market is for when you don’t feel like being on your smartphone, but also don’t want to be on a full-fledged computer. Adding a physical keyboard to a tablet a la Microsoft Surface begins to blur the lines between tablet and laptop. To preface this so-called review I want to state that I received no compensation for this nor did Logitech provide me anything for free. I purchased this keyboard with my own, hard-earned, money. Logitech Type+ for iPad Air 2

My current iPad is called the iPad Air 2 and it is my 5th iPad that I’ve owned to date. Starting with the original iPad shortly after it’s release I followed it up with an iPad 4 with lightning connector. I’ve also had the original iPad Air as well as the original iPad Mini. Being my 5th iPad, I’ve never used an external keyboard with it. In the early days they were really thick and became more of a hinderance than a helpful accessory.

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Using an iPad with no physical keyboard it not hard at all, it’s actually how Apple has designed their portable devices to function. While using a keyboard with an iPad is not recommended by Apple, they also do not manufacture one or officially endorse a keyboard. All my iPad usage up until now has been without a keyboard and haven’t missed it.

While using an iPad with a keyboard is not only convenient but also effective, it’s not the same as a laptop. The experience of a laptop may someday be matched by a tablet, but as the Microsoft Surface has proven, we are not there yet.

There are many options available if you are in the market for keyboard for your iPad, but the Logitech Type+ is the only one I’ve tried. I’ve seen other users typing away on Zagg keyboards and I have not heard any complaints. It all comes down to price point, if you’re willing to pay more, you get more features. The Logitech Type+ is available on Amazon for around $80.


I’m not an iPad keyboard convert, including writing this blog post, I’ve been telling everyone about it. It actually makes me use my iPad more for strenuous keyboard activities. They overall slimness of the iPad Air 2 has made it enjoyable to attach a similar think keyboard to it. Earlier iPad models were, in my opinion, too thick to carry around with a keyboard attached. If you have yet to try a keyboard on your iPad, take it from me, the Logitech Type+ is an added value to your mobile experience. BB